Bakery Bonanza: How To Make The Most Of Your Grocery Store Bakery

If you are going to the grocery store every week but not really paying attention to the bakery section, you are missing out on a lot. From breakfast to dinner, the local grocery store bakery has a treasure trove of delicious bakery items that will help you plan fabulous meals for your family. Planning your meals around bakery store finds will help you break mealtime boredom and keep your meals interesting.

Breakfast treats

There is nothing like a sweet donut or cinnamon roll to start your day off right. Your grocery bakery will have something to satisfy every sweet tooth in the family. They are also a great place to find seasonal-inspired baked goods to help you celebrate each unique season or holiday.

Need a gift for someone who is feeling under the weather? Your grocery store bakery is a great place to shop for comfort foods to give to others. Pick up a box of mixed donuts or a sampler of sweetbreads to drop off to someone who needs cheering up and you are sure to brighten up their life.

Lunchtime finds

If you like making your own subs at home to save money, your grocery bakery has plenty of sub rolls to choose from. Choose regular, whole wheat, or gluten-free sub rolls and create a tasty sub with your favorite fillings and toppings. If you are looking for a great way to dress up a boring sandwich, trade in your packaged bread and make your sandwich with fresh bread or kaiser rolls from the bakery.

Dinner breads

Make your family think they are dining at their favorite restaurant by picking up sourdough bread from your grocery bakery and making soup bowls for serving creamy broccoli cheese soup or a savory potato chowder. Simply cut out the inside of a sourdough round bread, fill it with your favorite soup, and wait for the compliments.

Buttery dinner rolls are a perfect side for any dinner meal. If you want a great dinnertime roll that melts in your mouth, crescent rolls are sure to be a palate pleaser. And you cannot go wrong with serving a fresh loaf of bread at dinner with plenty of soft butter and jelly.

A trip through the bakery section of your local grocery store will not disappoint. Whether you are looking for fresh bread and rolls to make a sandwich or a sweet dessert to end a meal, you will have plenty of delicious baked goods to choose from. You will also find plenty of inspiration for using new bakery items to break mealtime monotony.

Visit your local grocery bakery section to get started.