Choosing Wood Bowls That Are Durable And Look Good For Your Serving Needs

The serving bowls you use on your table can be made from several different materials, including metal, wood, and ceramic, but when you are looking for something unique, olive wood bowls are hard to beat. Bowls made of this wood have some advantages that make them a good choice, but that does come at a higher price than other tableware or serving bowls.

Olive Wood

Olive wood is a relatively hard wood with a straight grain running through it. The wood is often marbled with dark and light colors that make it as beautiful as it is strong. Olive wood bowls and other utensils have been a favorite of cooks and chefs for many years because the wood is highly durable so investing in products made from olive wood is an excellent way to get items that will last for many years. 

Olive wood bowls and other utensils can be used in the kitchen and then transferred to the table without concern, making them extremely versatile and easy to use. In many parts of the world, these wood bowls are handed down through generations and are traditional bowls used for many years from one generation to the next. 

Care and Cleaning

Caring for an olive wood bowl is not difficult; in fact, olive wood is exceptionally impervious to water in its natural form, so it does not soak up liquids and is easily washed with water. Often the surface of the wood is treated with mineral spirits to condition it and keep it looking great, but you could use olive wood bowls after they are carved without adding any additional treatment to the wood, and it would still stand up to years of use. 

Buying Olive Wood Bowls

Olive wood is sometimes hard to find, and the cost of the wood is often higher than many other more common kinds of wood available. Still, woodworkers and carvers often seek out this wood for special projects because it is easy to work with, and the results are stunning. When you are looking for olive wood bowls for your table or kitchen, be prepared that the price will be higher than many other bowls since these bowls are often hand-carved and each is unique in the way it looks because of the multi-colored grain running through the material. 

Some companies mass-produce bowls made from wood that look like olive wood, but some of those items are made using alternatives like acacia wood that does not have the same durability. Often if you find olive wood bowls made by hand, they will have a unique look and design to them that is part of what makes them so special and makes them worth the price. 

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