Healthy Kaiser Roll Sandwich Options

Eating healthy doesn't need to be dull, and you definitely do not need to forego consuming a heartily stacked sandwich that is assembled on a fresh-baked kaiser roll. If you have been dealing with hunger in between meals and this is what has been affecting your success with a low-fat diet, maybe it isn't necessarily how many times you have been eating that has been sabotaging you. The actual ingredients that you have chosen to indulge in may be the main issue that you need to focus on.

Choose Your Roll Type

When you purchase fresh-baked kaiser rolls, you are probably ready to create a thick sandwich that contains greasy slabs of meat, creamy cheeses, and a variety of condiments that taste incredibly sinful. Using some substitutes will reduce your caloric consumption, yet fill you up and provide you with the energy needed to get through the afternoon or tackle an after-hours work project. Choose a kaiser roll that is made with whole grains.

If you are sensitive to wheat products, ask the owner of the bakery if they have any gluten-free kaiser roll varieties that you can sample. If you have been cutting back on carbs and are concerned about the amount in each kaiser roll, choosing a gluten-free variety or selecting mini rolls that are similar in style and texture but less vast in size will satisfy your current diet's guidelines.

Avoid Unhealthy Condiments And Consider Open-Faced Sandwiches

Mayo, dressings, and oils should be avoided, since the fat content in each product may be high. If you can't bear to withhold all of these toppings, choose a condiment that is a low-fat variety. Spice your sandwich up by adding crushed pepper flakes or jalapenos and banana peppers to the top of sliced meats or cheeses. Purchase meat that has not been processed, such as lean turkey or chicken that is located in a grocery store's deli.

Add plenty of leafy greens to your sandwich. Kale, spinach, or cabbage will bulk up your sandwich but won't add many calories. If you are concerned about adding too many layers of ingredients to a kaiser roll, opt for an open-faced sandwich instead. Choose one side of a roll and add several toppings to it.

Save the other side of the roll for a subsequent meal. Always try to keep things interesting by adding a new spin to your sandwich styles. Taste fresh vegetables and lean meats that you would normally not consume and mix and match ingredients until you discover the perfect combination for your sandwiches.