How To Select A Menu When Working With A Catering Company

If you're throwing a party for a birthday, holiday, or office event, you will need to provide food for your guests. Party catering, such as from Marians Island Wide Catering, is the easiest way to make sure everyone goes home well-fed, with the least amount of hassle on your part. When you're ready to hire a party catering company, you will have to provide some input on the menu. Here are four tips to help you choose the ideal dishes for your party:

1. Offer at least two protein options.

Protein is the most filling part of any meal. Most Americans expect to eat some kind of meat at lunch or dinner. Serve at least two protein options so people can choose the meat they like best. Chicken is always a safe option. It has a mild flavor that many people enjoy. For your second protein dish, you might try serving fish or pork. Beef is another excellent option. A carving station is always a big hit with guests.

2. Provide vegetarian fare.

Remember that certain people at your event may have dietary restrictions. Vegetarianism and veganism are growing more popular, and chances are you will have someone at the party who does not eat meat. Make an effort to take care of your vegetarian guests as well. Serve at least one hearty plant-based option. As long as you have one meatless entree, vegetarians will be able to fend for themselves by eating side dishes and salads.

3. Find out about allergies in advance.

You'll want to know ahead of time if any of your diners have food allergies. Food allergies can be severe, causing reactions ranging from hives to anaphylactic shock. If you send out RSVP cards, include a space on the card for people to inform you of any allergies or food sensitivities they may have. You can share this information with the catering company you hire, and they will use it to tailor the menu. If someone has a food allergy, catering staff will take special care to wash their hands, change their gloves, and sanitize their cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination and ensure food safety.

4. Attend a tasting.

If you're having a prestigious event and you want to make sure the food is exactly what you need, you can request a tasting ahead of time. During a tasting, the head chef will prepare samples of the food they will serve at your event. You'll have the opportunity to try everything and provide feedback. This can help you conquer indecision and select the right dishes. A tasting usually costs extra, but the expense can be well worth it.