Why A Sandwich Is The Ideal Lunch Meal

When you need a nourishing lunch but you don't have time to cook or you're working and can't get away, then your local sandwich shop comes in handy. A sandwich is the perfect food for lunch, and it can keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. However, there are several types of restaurants that compete for your lunch business. Here's why a sandwich shop could be the perfect choice, and some options you may not have considered.

Why Going To A Sandwich Shop Is Perfect For Lunch

A sandwich shop often has healthier options than a drive-through restaurant. It's nearly impossible to stick to a healthy diet when you choose a fast food establishment. Plus, you may be tempted by sides such as greasy french fries and sundaes. A sandwich shop usually has a variety of meats, breads, and vegetable toppings so you can make good choices. Healthy food options leave you feeling energized and ready for a busy afternoon at work rather than struggling with an afternoon slump.

You could order foods such as pizza, Chinese or Indian delivery, or a pasta meal, but those are often too heavy for lunch and may leave you feeling too full and sluggish. A sandwich is the perfect size for taking away hunger without overloading your stomach and making you sleepy. Plus, if you work at your desk, a sandwich is easy to eat without making a mess.

Sandwiches are quick to order and easy for an office lunch. You might find a sandwich shop that delivers, but if not, you and your coworkers can take turns making the run to pick up your daily order, which makes getting fresh food convenient for everyone in your office.

Some Sandwich Options To Consider

A sandwich shop usually has a variety of meats to choose from, such as turkey, roast beef, and ham. If you're not a meat eater, you might find a shop that sells veggie burgers. However, if not, you can still stick to a vegan or vegetarian diet by getting a sandwich of veggies piled between two slices of whole-grain bread. You can add lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, pickles, and other vegetables on offer to create a filling sandwich that doesn't cause you to veer from your diet. If you're trying to avoid carbs as much as possible, consider getting a sandwich that uses lettuce leaves rather than bread. You can still pick the sandwich up and eat it conveniently, but you'll avoid the carbs from two slices of bread.

You can adapt a sandwich to meet your dietary needs more easily than you can adapt other restaurant foods. If you're on a gluten-free diet, use lettuce leaves for bread if gluten-free bread is not available. If you want to limit fat, forgo the cheese and mayonnaise. It's hard to beat a sandwich for lunch, whether you want one warm and melty or cold and piled high with crisp veggies.