Eating Keto At Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant

Eating at your favorite Mexican restaurant while sticking to a ketogenic diet is easier than you may think. While tortilla chips and deep-fried ice cream may not be keto, there are plenty of tasty options that will leave you satiated and satisfied.

Some tips for eating keto at your favorite Mexican restaurant include the following.

Fajitas Are Keto-Friendly

When eating out, usually fajitas without the tortillas are a good bet for anyone on a keto diet. The skillet-seared meat, peppers, and onions all are low-carb, and you can add salsa, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream and still keep the net carbs low. Don't tempt yourself with bowls of chips or flour tortillas on the table; ask your server to take them away.

Skip the Corn

Ask if the salsas, fillings, or tacos, have corn in them before ordering a dish that you are unfamiliar with. As you may know, corn is a common Mexican ingredient but it is not ketogenic. There are a lot of carbs in corn — around 20 carbs per cup of kernels.

Be on the Lookout for Sugar

Watch for hidden sugar in sauces and salsas. Simply ask your server if there is sugar in these items before ordering and ask for such options on the side to be safe. Typically, there are many Mexican options that are sugar-free and keto-friendly.

Dip Some Veggies

It seems too good to be true, but queso dip really is keto-friendly! Enjoy queso cheese, but skip the tortillas and instead dip celery or carrots. Keep an eye on how many carrots you eat as these do contain carbs.

Go Green

Go heavy with the greens when eating at your favorite restaurant. Ask for extra lettuce in your taco salads or bowls.

Watch What You Drink

If your night out includes a cocktail or two, go with tequila and sugar-free mixer for zero carbs over beer or wine. You can add fresh lime juice for around a half-gram of carbs; avoid sugary mixers, like margarita mix and fruit juices, as they are loaded with carbohydrates that could knock you out of ketosis.

Just because you are living a ketogenic lifestyle does not mean you must give up the foods that you love, including authentic Mexican cuisine. More and more people are turning to a keto diet so many restaurants are accustomed to accommodating their dietary restrictions. Use these tips to keep the net carbs low and to still enjoy a satisfying meal at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Contact a local Mexican restaurant like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering to learn about the keto-friendly options they have available.